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I am honored to be endorsed by former mayors, current and past council members, planning commissioners, county supervisors, NID directors, and neighborhood activists. 

Nevada City Mayors,
Council Members and
Planning Commission Members

Doug Fleming, current City Council Member, Vice Mayor

David McKay, former City Council member, Mayor

Paul Matson, former City Council member, Mayor

Sally Harris, former City Council member, Mayor

Cathy Wilcox Barnes, former City Council member, Mayor

Terri Andersen, former City Council member, Mayor

Jennifer Ray, former City Council member, Mayor

Glenda Zanone, former City Council member, Mayor

Karla Arens, former Planning Commission Chair

Brad Croul, former Planning Commissioner

Steve Dodge, former Planning Commissioner

Gail Damske, former Planning Commissioner

Pamela Meek, former Planning Commissioner

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City, County, and District Officials

Peter Van Zant, current Nevada City Planning Commissioner, former Chair Nevada County Board of Supervisors

Neil Locke, current Nevada City Clerk

Larry Meek, former Nevada Union High School Principal, former President Nevada County Board of Education, Past President 49er Rotary Breakfast Club

Nancy Weber, former NID Director 

Neighborhood and Community Activists

Jordan Fisher Smith, author and environmentalist

Jim Khatami, American Hill neighborhood

John and Judy Vanderveen, Piety Hill neighborhood

Judy Seabridge, Gethsemane Street

John Paul, Nevada City

John Volz, Galena Way

Jeff Leiter, M.K. Blake Estate Co.

Gregg Schiffner, Zion Street

Rusty Hammer, Washington Street

Gary Johnson, Nevada Street

Mary Louis Weaver, The Red Castle, Prospect St.

Susan Shaw, Nimrod Street


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