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Bringing the Campaign Home

Door-to-door Canvassing Coverage as of April 15

Twelve weeks ago I posted my first blog, listing the topics I was hearing from folks as I walked door to door.

The map on the left shows how much of Nevada City I've covered since then (shaded in blue). I've knocked on over 900 doors and talked with over 500 people. I've heard and learned much. I have seen the full spectrum of our town.

And one thing is clear: A council member cannot represent a particular political party, or demographic group, or special interest. A council member must represent the whole town: young, old, renters, home owners, well-off, and struggling.

That's the kind of council member I pledge to be. I have listened at your front doors, on your porches, and at neighborhood meetings. I know it will take more than listening and nodding sympathetically to win your vote. It will take action, like those I've outlined in my blogs about housing, fire safety, water security, and keeping our courts downtown. If you read my Other Voices column in The Union, you know my commitment to helping the unhoused is heartfelt and personal.

I hope I have convinced you I will take the concrete steps needed to solve our city's problems. And I will always celebrate our many histories, neighborhoods, and accomplishments.

You are as important to this process as I am, or any candidate or office holder is. In reading these blogs, you have proven that democracy works because people make it work. You've taken the time and gotten informed.

Now it's time to bring it home. Cast your vote. Help me make Nevada City work for its citizens. And let's stay in touch.

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