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Council Member Fleming Endorses Ceci

Updated: May 25, 2022

Council Member and Vice Mayor Doug Fleming supports Lou Ceci for Nevada City Council

Council Member and Vice Mayor Doug Fleming endorsed Lou Ceci for Nevada City Council in a public letter to Nevada City residents today.

In his letter, Fleming said, "Lou has the intelligence, education and commitment we really need on the council right now when there is so much at stake."

Fleming said, "[Ceci] will actually help us finally move the needle on vegetation management and fire safety," and he will "help usher in a new era of economic development in the historic downtown, Seven Hills, and the Tech Center."

Fleming also expressed concern about over-development. "Nevada City is under significant pressure to allow more housing and greater densities than our well-thought-out Housing plan calls for. . . . It is not a secret that some candidates believe we should provide much more than our town's fair share of regional housing needs."

"Lou and I believe that everybody has a right to be housed affordably, but we don't support overburdening our town with growth levels that will tax our water and sewer systems, roads, quality of life, and historic charm."

Fleming concluded his letter with, "Please join me in voting for Lou Ceci and a sustainable future for Nevada City."

The full text of Fleming's letter can be downloaded by clicking on the Word document icon here.

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